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Southside Appartment 

The brief for this South Side apartment was to create a light and airy home with ample room for family as well as for entertaining. 

An elegant, vibrant and contemporary space was created by weaving in colour, pattern, texture and design styles. The overall feel is incredibly calm and peaceful but the restrained and clever use of pattern helps the eye to travel around the room and is visually stimulating. 

A bespoke screen was commissioned in order to define the entrance, and the transition between spaces was carefully considered.  To add colour (the tenancy agreement did not allow for colour painted walls) a large display unit was designed for one side of the living room with a grey gloss back. 

Vintage glamour and contrast was added through the layering of lucite, brass and glass coffee and side tables. These original vintage pieces are the work of the celebrated French designer Pierre Vandel.

Vintage hurlston-tseng designs

Vintage pieces are sourced for hurlston-tseng designs by a dealer in London.  We are always happy to import single pieces for interior designers and individual clients to order. Please contact us or view our Vintage section, our prices are very competitive. 

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